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Delve Introducing | Kate Vredevoogd

Words and Photography by Kate Vredevoogd


Welcome to the start of our 'Delve Introducing' series! Introducing creative and adventurous folk from around the world. We're kicking this game off with Kate from Seattle, currently residing in Granada, Spain. Read on to get a deeper insight into Kate's life, photography and inspiration.

So where do you call home?

It depends on the story I’m telling and who I’m talking to. My home where I’ve spent most of my life is a small port town in Washington State called Bellingham, but the last time I was home visiting, something felt different. I currently live in Granada, Spain in a village called Monachil. So far it feels more like home than anything.

What countries have you've visited? 

My first international flight was when I was 2 or 3 to Jalisco, Mexico with my family. We would spend our family vacations in a funny little fishing village. I remember doing a writing assignment in third grade calling the village, Barra de Navidad, my second home. When I was 15 I travelled around Thailand with one of my best friends teaching English and starting trouble; one of the best experiences of my life. My next adventure was when I was 17. I set off to Bratislava, Slovakia to visit a friend I had made while she was studying in Bellingham. We travelled together to Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Austria and Poland. That was fantastic; I think Budapest was my favourite city. During that trip I brought my old Nikon FE2 and really started feeling a connection with photography, even though most of the pictures I made were garbage. A few years later, already addicted to travelling, I went to Salamanca, Spain for the summer to study. Having fallen in love with a Spaniard, I spent the next few years obsessing about my return. Finally, in 2013 I came back to Spain and have made it my permanent residence. Since then I’ve visited the Netherlands to find the small village that my family emigrated from, to France to see Visa Pour L’image in Perpignan, to Portugal, and to Morocco. 

What genre would you say your photography falls under? 

That’s a question I wish somebody would answer for me. I think I’m still looking for my niche, or working on forming it. I think stylistically speaking, the lighting is what distinguishes my work more than content, but landscapes attract me, and I tend to use a 24 mm lens more than anything. I would give it a name of travel/lifestyle photography, however I have always been interested in documentary photography as well.

What inspires your work?

Anything can inspire me, it doesn’t have to be a visual element. A feeling, a smell, a texture. Most often, it’s a feeling.

What does the future hold for you?

This summer I’ll be doing some travelling with GetYourGuide, a tour booking platform, as part of their visual team which should be fun. They’ve already sent me to Barcelona and Tangiers, and I’ll be going to Istanbul, Paris, and Amsterdam this summer. I’ve got a series on expo right now in Granada, and next year it will be moving to a very prestigious museum in the city center so I’ll be promoting that. Otherwise, I’ll just keep shooting and exploring! 

Any inspirational words for the Delve readers? 

Every time you have a coffee in Granada, they give you a packet of sugar with a pretty quote on it, and there’s one that I seem to always get whose moral is that we spend all our lives waiting for the weekend, for next month, next year and we forget to live in today. I think it’s so important to stop and enjoy every detail, every person, every moment as it passes. Maybe that’s what inspires my work…

Also, my husband has some little life quotes that he says often, one of which he’s got tattooed on his wrist. “Quien apuesta gana” which he translates to “Who dares wins.” I definitely live this way, it means you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy the ticket. I don’t ever want to miss the chance that something amazing could happen because I didn’t try, so my advice would be to gamble on yourself, don’t miss any opportunities!