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Embrujo de Granada | Kate Vredevoogd

The very first image I made in Granada, wandering through the Sacromonte (a mountain full of cave homes and gypsy dwellings).

Words and Photography by Kate Vredevoogd


Last Friday we had the first in our 'Delve Introducing' series, based on Kate Vredevoogd. Well, Kate's back with her series 'Embrujo de Granada', which pretty much translates to 'Granada's Charm'. The series is currently on display in an exposition hall in Spain.

"After selling all my possessions in Seattle and taking off on a one month road trip across the U.S.A. I left my car in Boston and bought a ticket to Spain. I travelled for a few weeks and then found myself in Granada. After a few interesting adventures, I realised that charm of Granada had taken over me and I made the off the cuff decision to skip my flight home; which was two years ago and I'm still in Granada. The series takes the viewers on my journey of falling in love with and finding a new home in an unknown land and the process of it becoming part of me.

In Trevélez, surrounded by clouds. 

The Alhambra, illuminated by the light after a storm. 

When I first arrived to Granada in 2013 I was just setting off on what I imagined to be a solo journey around Spain after traveling around the USA for a month. I had no plans; just three months to explore and a plane ticket home. 

This is my story of finding myself completely in love with a city, a culture a life and a man that I didn't know before, and the transformation that happens inside you when you go from feeling like a stranger to feeling like you're exactly where you're meant to be. 

Two years later Granada has become my permanent home and with these images I want to share the subtle details, the energy of this city that took over me and wouldn't let me board my return flight to Seattle. For me, these pictures are painted with magic and represent the two most enchanted years of my life".

In the Alpujarra, where you'll find a labyrinth of berber villages, all painted white. 

Evening light through a window in the Alhambra.

My village, in the mountains. 

Andalusian window. 

December beach. 

A gitana's heels. Flamenco is a whole body experience. 

Granada's colors of winter. 

Palace lights, city lights. 

Uphill alleys, climbing towards the Alhambra.


Village life in Pampaneira.

Rain drops on Almond blossoms. 

The city of fountains. 

There's magic everywhere.

The Sierra Nevada and olive trees. 

City-lit mountain silhouette. 

Palomas y Granadas / Doves and Pomegranates.



Risking it | Curbar Edge in the Peak District

Words and Photography by Nick Lukey

This is a guest post from Nick at where he went to Curbar Edge in the Peak district, we've included a map below so you can find it yourself.

Nick is a fine art photographer based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, he shoots with a Fuji XT-1 camera and provides us with fine examples of why this country is fantastic for getting out and exploring. All of his images are for sale over on his website so head over there and check out some epic landscapes.

So the last couple of days have left me kicking my heals at home due to bad weather, everytime I wanted to get out it rained. I had a plan sorted for my next shoot, I aimed to get back up to Curbar edge, as my earlier foray onto the edge was cut short due to a rather hefty thunder storm.  So I knew where I wanted to be, knew what time I needed to be there by, but would the weather lift?

It rained on and off during the drive, even sat in the car in the car park waiting until it stopped, I was still in two minds about spending the evening out on the tops if the weather wasn't going to change. So I set off goretext to the max. After 20 minutes or so the rain stopped and to the west the cloud started to break up, and I was left with the most beautiful light I could ever wish for.

All came good, I was bang on perfect for the right light to be hitting the edge, was fortunate the weather broke when it did. The reward for a 50 mile round trip was to be in some of the best light I have shot in. If I had not bothered and been at home when the weather cleared I would have been going nuts, and possible swore at the cat.

Some of the evenings images, all shot with the Fuji Xt1 and 14mm, I only used the 55-200mm for a few shots.