The best wings you will ever eat, take a look into what makes a Burger Shop.

The best wings you will ever eat, take a look into what makes a Burger Shop.

Words & Photography by Colin Nicholls

Here at Delve we like things local, and whats more we like good food, so in this blog post we would like to introduce you to a fantastic gem of Hereford, Burger Shop.

A Rule of Tum Burger Shop is, as the name would suggest, a burger restaurant, with a passion for serving local food and supporting the local community, it brings something different to the world of burgers opting for a more british feel on the menu, keeping things seasonal and delicious. The incredible burgers alongside a wide selection of fine beers and ciders mean your in for a treat whenever you head down, not to mention the modern styling and fantastic atmosphere that greets you when you walk through the door.

  The Burger Shop in Hereford.  -Further down the road dust pours from a building site which will soon become A Rule of Tum's second venture.

The Burger Shop in Hereford. -Further down the road dust pours from a building site which will soon become A Rule of Tum's second venture.

A very dusty Dorian & Edwin

A Rule of Tum is made up of Dorian [The chef], Edwin [Management] and Jon [Marketing and branding] who all put massive amount of their time into setting up the business and are now the proud owners of Burger Shop.

We went to meet the guys who were literally in the middle of building next door to have a chat about how they started and what they are all about, as well as eating some of the incredible food sat outside in the glorious sun. 

Delve: So tell us a little about your backgrounds and how you came together?

Dorian: Well me and Edwin are brothers and we've always wanted to have our own place since we were younger, I studied in Hereford first then went to Australia for six months to work there, then worked in London for 5 years then came back to Hereford to set up here.

Ed: Well I've always wanted to start my own business up and worked in restaurant management and worked my way up learning the skills I needed then left to pursue a joint venture with my brother.

Delve: And Jon, so you came on board a bit later for the marketing and branding side of things?

Jon: Yea, putting it all in a tidy little package.

Delve: So how did it all start out?

Dorian: So it about 3 years ago me and Ed were trying to get funding and writing a business plan while I was still working in London, from there we realised that people weren't really interested in investing any kind of money on a business that wasn't already doing well so we took it down another route.

Ed: We started off doing supper clubs in 2013 which is where Jon came in to do the branding side of things. 

Jon: We did the first supper club in September, then some in October, November and December, with our friends and family coming to the first ones.

Delve: Where did you go from here?

Dorian: We then did a pop up in a local pub and did a burger night which was ridiculously amazing, and quickly realised that making this work with burgers would be a better way to go.

Ed: And a bit about why we did the pub in the first place; because it was hard to find funding we needed something we could do without having a massive investment. We found that doing the super clubs was quite intense and we needed skilled chefs which we had to hire which was difficult to do full time. So we decide to look at the other end of the market and do the pub, still with the same ethos of local food, well done, but just a cheaper form of food. It turned out the cheap eats worked well and it's what people want.

Delve: So the pub was set up to generate some revenue, then you did food festivals and private parties?

Ed: Yea, the food festivals were where we started to make some real money which allowed us to put money into a permanent premises, which we started work on in late 2014.

  A sample of the fine selection of beers and ciders that are on offer.

A sample of the fine selection of beers and ciders that are on offer.

Delve: Why did choose Hereford and work with local suppliers?

Jon: Well we've all got our ties to Hereford, surrounded by people who would support us and help us out with favours was really useful.

Dorian: I don't see any other way to operate really, it's important to the local economy, if everyone did that we would all benefit. You also have the fact that we can trace where everything comes from, the exact farms and suppliers so we have a background for everything we make.

Delve: So what you do is a bit different from most burger places?

Dorian: Well I want to market ourselves as a British burger joint, the number one thing for us is flavour, so if it's called a burnt apple and pork burger then it has to taste of that and be beautiful.

Jon: Well we got to work taking apart the existing cafe which was here, you could tell it was going to be nice based on the outside so we got to work stripping it back to see what we had to work with, we exposed the wall decide to keep that and just added element which worked well with the space and the features. We added to it with features which we felt echoes what we do so the bar is local wood, the light fittings are British made, we got local artists to do artwork on some of the walls and hunted around the nearby charity shops for things we could add.

Delve: So I notice your building next door as well whats next?

Dorian: Finishing off drilling out a wall, that's my immediate next venture.

Jon: Sweeping up dust for three days, after that building a new kitchen, we've got a big summer coming up packed full of events.

Delve: And finally, whats the best thing to call your new project?

Dorian: Book Shop. A space for beautiful food, drink and good times.

Thats where we left it with the Rule of Tum guys, after eating some of the incredible food and having a little peak into next door and what the 'Book Shop' will be, so called by the way as that was it's previous purpose and soon will be a venue not only for the guys but for food and drink pop ups, a space to be used by all. We will certainly be keeping an eye on this new venture and bringing another feature to you when the Book Shop opens in September.

So if you find yourself in Hereford then make time for a trip to the Burger Shop, it's on Aubrey Street, behind the Green Dragon Hotel, and be ready to have the best burger you have ever eaten.

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