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I am constantly surprised by the vastness of the Canadian Rockies. Aside from being some of the largest mountains I've ever seen this range boasts some extensive territory. Which means there are always new sights to see. This is quickly becoming my favourite trait about Alberta – variety.

Photographers have a bent for discovery. We like to "own" what we see, for our experiences and images to be exclusive. Charles De Gaulle once wrote "There can be no prestige without mystery." When I can't be the first one to post a picture of a place or a person I strive to capture it with better lighting or a more interesting perspective. However I find that can sometimes be distracting.

I think that's what I enjoyed so much about this trip to Clearwater County. It's an area little known in Alberta. Most people seeking mountains aren't interested in the foothill parks which is a shame because they have their own unique beauty. Perhaps not as epic as Banff or Jasper, but just as magical.


Nathaniel is a very talented photography who delves into different fields, such as: landscapes, portraits, weddings, engagements and events. Looking through his work, it's obvious that he's a great explorer and enjoys getting out and about with accomplices.

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