Yashica dismantled

Disassembly: Taking things ap(art)

This post is half an homage to the Yashica Electro 35 Rangefinder film camera, and half an homage to Todd Mclellan and his disassembly series.

I have a little bit of history with the Electro 35 camera series. I first knew I wanted one when I saw it on the Lomography website. But as most people who browse eBay or even owned one of these cameras, you could see Lomography were selling them off at inflated prices. I decided to get one from eBay but because of their sudden surge in popularity (thank you very much Lomography!) you could no longer get a working one for £10-20. Average auctions at the time were ending at £100 plus. But like anything, if you do a little research you can get it much cheaper.

I decided I would try looking around forums and other photography related websites for more information. After finding a Flickr group dedicated to the Yashica Electro 35 cameras I became obsessed.

I left a “wanted” post and managed to buy one for £50 posted. I was new to photography at the time and just loved (and still do) the way film looks. I also had a Pentax ME Super which was a little more consistent in results, but I got a roll back from my Electro 35 and just loved it!

Recently I came across Todd Mclellan's artwork and really wanted a print, unfortunately he only did a limited number and I decided that if I did my own, I could create a huge poster out of it. After purchasing a lens spanner on eBay I took apart the rust and gunk fused camera over several hours and with painful fingers carefully arranged the pieces to suit. If you look closely enough in the time lapse you can see where I needed to put on a plaster.